I’m Ben Hussenet

Web Developer & Consultant

Wiltshire, UK

About me

A web developer in Wiltshire, UK

Web Developer with a passion for complex challenges.

With almost 15 years of experience building websites and some other peculiar digital ‘things’ I’ve found I absolutely love a challenge. Sure, I can build you a website with 5 pages and the typical ‘stuff’ but if you’d like something a bit different, like say, a game or maybe digital signage for your shop, then I’m waiting for your email!

The Blog

My thoughts on a range of topics

After resisting the idea of using Git for an embarrassingly long time, I finally caved when my work team introduced me to GitKraken. This provided a much more user-friendly way to interact with and manage Github repos within our teams’ projects. What blew me away was how quickly all...

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