My Dev Setup: VS Code, GitKraken & GitLens

After resisting the idea of using Git for an embarrassingly long time, I finally caved when my work team introduced me to GitKraken. This provided a much more user-friendly way to interact with and manage Github repos within our teams’ projects. What blew me away was how quickly all aspects felt cohesive — from setting up workspaces for different projects & teams to managing branches, viewing commits data, pushing new code updates in no time flat without any merge conflicts ever getting out of hand! All this can be done smoothly by anyone who wants great control over their repositories but hates dealing with cumbersome CLIs (like myself).

Collaboration with GitKraken. Source:

VS Code has always been my go-to code editor, and I’m overjoyed at the recent integration of GitKraken’s incredible toolkit: GitLens. With just a few clicks in your settings panel you can unlock access to an array of data about committed changes from Github – including who made them and when! The most helpful feature? Inline info that keeps track without needing to leave your workflow or rerun querries. It may sound small, but this makes all the difference.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be keeping my blog updated with any updates to my workflow 🙂